Yokohama is the second largest city in Tokyo and is only a few minutes away from the main Tokyo city, but even though being this close to the Mainland, it has its own certain distinctions. It lies on a very beautiful bay and a destination for cosmopolitan lovers. It is one of Tokyo’s largest foreign community. Yokohama showcases different cultures in one place and offers finger-licking cuisines from all over the world. Walking by the streets you can find yourself dancing to those jazz tunes like me and feeling its chilly air across your face.


This is the most prominent and most popular feature of Yokohama city. You have not been here than your trip to Japan seriously is incomplete because this place is a package in itself. This city remarks history dated back to 150 years and it hosts around 500 shopping destinations and restaurants. This is the cleanest place I could have ever come across. There’s so much to shop from souvenirs to clothes that you might get short on your money and then rest up in any of the restaurants around with the most delicious Asian cuisine.

Cup Noodles Museum

Yes, this museum is as quirky as it sounds. It is a highly interactive museum that lets you make your own kind of ramen noodles. You can start by mixing your own choice of soups and sauces and condiments that you want to add and turn it into a cup of noodles that couldn’t be more iconic. They also give the tour through the ramen making processing. The museum has various different sections and each section costs at least 300 yen.

Yokohama Cosmo World

It is a very reputed and loved amusement park around Japan. It is situated in Minato Mirai complex. There are several high adrenaline rides; most famous of them all is the highest Ferris wheel standing at 112.5 meters high. It at one time can seat over 480 riders. It also houses the longest roller coaster and several other rides like a log raft ride, mostly suitable for children. The entry to the amusement park costs 200 yen.