Sitting at the feet of two large mountains, Whistler has so much to offer. This city has been on my list for a long time now. It offers you some immediate access to best skiing. The rugged river, the lakes, and the surrounding village are a treat to the eye. Here are some of the spectacular destinations to check out when you are in Whistler.

  • Visit Whistler Blackcomb

Two peaks rising above the village of Whistler is the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain. Here, I had the best skiing experience. However, there is just too much to cover in a day so I planned to stay back for two days. If you are visiting in summer, you will be able to go hiking or biking on the bike park of Whistler Mountain. If you are riding an airlift, keep a look out for bears.

  • Enjoy extreme sports

No doubt, mountain biking is an exciting and the most popular sports that you can enjoy during summer in Whistler. However, there are other extreme sports that you can enjoy such as zip-lining. You get to fly across the forest valleys. If you are up for more thrills, you can go bungee jumping over Cheakamus River.

  • Go hiking

Whistler is well-known among tourist for its hiking trails. There are trails to take you around the mountains and the Lost Lake. I took the gondola to take me above the tree line. I had a great time hiking while I enjoyed the view of the alpine wildflower.

  • Spend time golfing

Most of the areas are covered in lush green conifers with mountain backdrops. Whistler boasts of some celebrity-designed golf courses. If you love golf, you should surely check out the courses. However, make sure that you book in advance if it is the peak season.