Weimar is the center of German’s classical literature. In the year 1998, it had been designated as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. My love for history and classics took me to this city. If you just take up a map and see the streets, you will find all fun things to do. If you visit this city any time soon, here are a few things that you need to do.

Goethe National Museum

This is the abode of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He had one of the most famous writers in Germany. What I found to be fascinating was that the place is still furnished like it used to be in Goethe’s time! The house has been turned into a museum where I came across a wide range of materials related to work and life. There is also his art collection.

The Bauhaus Museum

The museum had been founded in 1919 in reference to the movement of the Bauhaus. The great building commemorates the movement. This is the hub of the cultural district of the city. Check out the works of the founders of this movement. The building displays a fine architectural style. In case you are a student of architecture, you need to check out the Haus Hohe Pappeln.

Neues Museum Weimar

This city is a treat for all historical buffs. Neues Museum Weimar had been established in 1869. The most important aspect of the museum is the exhibit that focuses on the Buchenwald Memorial. This is related to the problem of forced labor and an incredible collection of works from Impressionism a Realism movement. I also found paintings of Henry van de Velde and Claude Monet. There are regular workshops that deal with all traditional craft like bookbinding and carpentry. This is pretty interesting to see.