St, John’s, a beautiful city located on the Atlantic coast, but unfortunately we just a day and a half to enjoy this city.

Places to Visit

We started early morning with the east coast trail.

We had a breakfast at the Classic Cafe downtown. We then walked to the Signals hills which took us some 25 minutes. We then did a hiking in the Signal hills. The scenic view at the oceanfront was amazing. The admission ticket costs $5 per person.

Just 10 minute cab ride brought us to the QuidiVidi city lake. Being spring season luckily, the walk along the lake was so soothing there were many dogs in the fenced dog area for their morning walks. The park was very well maintained.

Nature and history combine to give a perfect experience to the tourists at the Rooms. The per person ticket price for the center is just 10$. We had a delightful brunch at the in-house cage of rooms.

Next, we headed to the cafe spear located on the Avalon Peninsula with some old friends and we clicked tons of selfies there while doing a walking trail. The lighthouse, the sea, and the air were relaxing and serene. I wish we had more time at hand to have hiked up the rocks. Not only this, there are many pieces of historical architecture at the cape spear.

Cape Spear was followed by visiting the Fort Amherst Lighthouse, which was just around 30 minutes ride in spite of the traffic. It was quite crowded than the expectation.

The Johnson Geo center gives a very worthy experience at a meager price of 12$ per person for an adult ticket. Most of the premises are underground.

Next day, we took a tour at the Newman wine vaults. It is a very small museum, which took us only 15 minutes. We loved grapevine at the winery so shopped some also.