I went on a trip to Perugia with a friend of mine. We had a lovely time there. We visited the church of San Francesco Delle Donne which was established in 1212. There is a demarcation on the medieval church walls.  Then we saw the Museo-Laboratorio di Tessitura a Mano which is a hybrid workshop and museum and the artisans here use old techniques on antique wooden looms. We came to know about the Umbrian textiles that have more than 200 patterns and takes about 20 days to complete a tablecloth made for 12. It has magnificent fabric which is displayed in the National Art Gallery of Umbria.

Then we went to the National Art Gallery that had frescoes, crucifixes, and altarpieces. It also had the paintings of Italian masters of medieval and Renaissance period.  We went to the Sciri tower which belongs to the 13th century. There are about 70 towers in Perugia which is a symbol of its strength.

We then went to Perugina Casa Del Cioccolato – the chocolate factory. Perugia is famous for its Baci chocolates. We watched the introductory video and then had a guided tour of the museum and the factory. We enjoyed the different varieties of Baci chocolates.

Thus, it is better that you visit this place for at least a week. One can visit Perugia from any major destination of Italy and it is easy to travel through local transport to reach here. It is recommended that you hire a vehicle most preferably a bicycle to get around the places. Further, it is best visited during the summer months as the winters can get extremely chilly. One can find the best places to live through services such as Airbnb and these are quite cheap also while being extremely well – furnished and comfortable.