The Norwich city lies very close to the Norfolk River and the country provides very easy access to the Norfolk Broads. This place is extremely fun to explore via boat and that is what we did on the last trip there. Although at first glance, it may appear to be quiet and gloomy, as you enter into its hub you will realize why it is a bustling center for both shopping and business. At the same time, the city is known for its clean and winding lanes and the ever amazing Norwich Cathedral that looks over the rest of the town. Also, make sure that you plan to come to the town during the festival where you can enjoy great live music and witness amazing performances of theatres and play.

  • The Norwich Cathedral is one of the most striking features of the city and why not, this was built in the year 1096 and ever since then has been a strong evidence of the character of the Norman. I was mesmerized by its beauty and grace at first look and the inside of it provided me with no less. Around the area, you will find many buildings that speak of the era that passed by and as a tourist; you will be mesmerized to know the story each one of them bear.

  • The Norwich City Center contains numerous attractions such as a house that simulates what it was like living in the era of Victorian. At the same time, you can visit the Maddermarket Theatre, which provides with the beautiful performance every now and then. We also visited other theatres in the city that offered great knowledge on various grounds. We would definitely recommend a stay for a week here to completely explore the city of England inside and out.