The Rome of France aka Nîmes is a city which is well known for the way it has been successful in preserving the monuments and the history and relics like the amphitheater which is still in use for the current day concerts and fights-no not if humans but bulls!

Places to visit

The city’s location is very good for visiting the point the hard aqueduct and the various villages placed in the Cévennes and the Camargue.

When around this place you should not forget to check out the oldest of the monuments called Magne tower which is at the top of mount cavalier and was used as a watch tower with a doubled up majestic presentation with the Augustus. You can also check out gardens located just right below in the woods that were once the worship arenas for the Romans. If you want to skim through the city, the temple of Diana along with Magne can be completed in almost half a day.

Next up the thing that is sure shot to impress the travelers and tourists is the Colosseum, which resembles the Colosseum in Rome when talking about the shape and facade just different in its sizing.

Fériapentecôte is a major event that is held every year has six days of flamenco and ceremonies along with the festival of Nîmes in July that hosts a lot of performances, concerts theatre, and dance. November also witnesses the Chicago blue festival followed by a flamenco in the month of December.

Since museums turn out to be the best way to know about a place, it won’t be a bad idea to check out the various museums in Nîmes like the Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Taurine Culture, and a Museum of Natural History along with a very new fresh entry of Romanité in the year 2018.