We were a bit tired of exploring the sunny cities of the Nicaragua country and wanted something to cool us off where we could spend the lazy weekend in. That is when the guide told us that there is this place called Jinotega which is situated in the northern part of the country and is known for being almost a hill station. So, we set up for the adventure the very next day and for sure, did not regret it. As soon as we arrived at the place, we realized why it is called the ‘city of mists’ and the lower temperature touches around 12 Centigrade which is quite a big deal for the country.

This is also famous for the coffee plantations. Before we jump in deep, let us look at the places we saw in this city:

The first place where we landed in the library and the museum because the information which we are going to get there is going to serve as the base for all the other attractions we are going to sight in the city. For instance, all the different monuments have their own culture, which you have to know beforehand so that you can enjoy the essence more. And this is even more important in a land where you do not know or struggle with communicating in the local language.

Following this, the guide took us to a spot where we could get the most picturesque view of the city, and as usual the same was covered with thick fog. It is indeed amazing that nature can be so beautiful. We also visited plenty of cathedrals and joined the evening prayers and the festivals as well. This was one of the most inclusive of all trips possible.