The infinite landscape of the Internet has become heavily saturated with an equally infinite amount of aspiring marketers hoping to take advantage of this conduit to do business on a much larger scale than traditional means will allow.

While initially, the internet was viewed as a portal where everyone can have an opportunity to succeed and the little guy doesn’t have to be stepped on by the giant corporation, it has become increasingly difficult to find a solid foothold in this world. While the vision of the web still holds true, the case may be that newer techniques have to be adopted in order to bypass the walls built up by the giants in the industry.


The reach of Cyber marketing can be amplified multifold if the right kind of SEO strategies are employed. Search engine optimization is the key to having better rankings and to increasing internet visibility of your website.

Fresh entrepreneurs have to familiarize themselves with the concepts of crawlability and indexability. Only by improving these will your site attain that heavy amount of traffic necessary to find a sizable enough pool of customers.


An internet crawler or a spider is an online software employed by search engines as a tool to determine site importance. A crawler moves about the web 24/7 and visits websites. Once a site is visited, the crawler reads the content and uploads it to the search engine’s index.

Once a site is updated, the crawler reads the fresh content and the index database is updated accordingly. Based on how frequently your website is updated, the frequency of the crawler’s visit vary. This helps the search engine to prioritize your site’s importance. The more importance Google attaches to your website, the higher it will place and thus be more visible to searchers.

Agencies need to have better websites with a site structure that is easy to navigate so that users will feel at ease finding whatever products or information they need.


Keywords are very important in letting the search engine and therefore users know what your website is about. Google has specific algorithms dedicated to determining the value to users of a particular site. Most of these algorithms place heavy emphasis on quality content and how relevant it is to individuals. The better the quality of the content, the more favor it receives in the search engine’s database.

That’s why using a number of keywords over and over again to trick users into visiting your website will not work because your site ratings will fall if the content is not up to the mark.


Social Media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram are an essential part of virtual marketing. They are, in essence, a rich and highly abundant source of potential customers. Smart Cyber Marketing targets this by siphoning traffic into their own websites. Some companies buy real Instagram followers to further increase traffic to their own Social Media pages.


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