Applications of Industrial Borescopes

Applications of Industrial Borescopes are highly varied in range from manufacturing units to oil and natural gas suppliers, automotive companies, HVAC, cable installation and routing etc. The remote characteristics of inspection are useful in controlling the optical, digital and hardware components f the device from a control panel. The flexibility of the OS and hardware configurations allow PC and mobile devices to be used as control panels. Many of the Borescopes have dedicated mobile control panels in which the OS and other digital hardware controls are pre-installed. You will be benefiting by using the paired combination due to the enhanced efficiency levels.

Borescopes in Manufacturing Inspections

Manufacturing industries use Borescopes extensively for the inspection of hydraulic machinery, pressure pipes, gas and liquid cylinders, aircraft jets etc. The external body of the device is molded with steel, brass, copper or the combinational alloys. This is capable of enduring highest levels of temperature reaching up to 100s of degrees. In addition the body is constructed to work seamlessly under corrosive environments without deterioration.

  • Cylinder Cracks: – The pressure cylinders housing chemicals and gas are subject to various types of internal cracks over time. Initially they start appearing as hairline cracks which later develop into major breakdown factors. The task of maintenance department is to detect these defects at the initial stages. They depend on rigid type of Borescopes for the corrective and preventive inspections. The wide angled objective lens mounted on the long handled probe is capable of inspecting the deepest type of cylinders. The powerful LED mounted on the probing handle can be rotated along with the lens through 360-degrees in each direction. Capturing of real time video footages gives you the options for immediate troubleshooting.
  • HVAC Inspection: – This is one of the most complex operations since the cracks and structural damages are nano-sized in nature. The Borescopes with high end lenses, prisms and latest digital cameras can probe the entire cross section of the HVAC within shortest ┬ápossible time. The camera is designed to enhance the magnification factors by multiple times. Hence the engineers get clear view of the defective parts instantly.
  • Pipeline Inspection: – The inspection of industrial pipelines is a critical procedure in the overall safety procedures. They include air pressure pipes (mainly used for power cleaning), water pipes, oil and gas pipes etc. The diameter and length of these pipes vary depending on the distance between the production and the application areas. Micro Borescopes are useful in the inspection of small diameter pipes (between 3mm and 4mm). They are supported by small camera-heads with options for multiple connections to the display units. The entire assembly from the lens to the camera can be accommodated within the dimension of 3mmX2mm.

Borescopes in Automotive Inspections

Automotive inspections by professional plumbers include water and gas pipes, electrical cables, etc. They have inbuilt powerful optical components which can work under extreme conditions. The maintenance team will be able to detect every type of defect in the pipes and take corrective and preventive repair and maintenance actions immediately.

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