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While I was traveling by the Shandong province I stopped by the southern bank of the Yellow River and explored a city called Heze. It is by the river and closes to Jiansu, Anhui and Henan provinces.

It was easy for me to stop by Heze since the city is well connected with other parts of the country by flights, highways and railway hubs. I enjoyed coming here by the Beijing-Kowloon railway that passes by wonderful scenery on the way.

Places to See

There are several places to see here. The main scenic area here is Chaozhou Peony garden. It is located about three kilometers from the downtown area of this city. I enjoyed exploring the peony garden here, known to be the largest in the world that houses a large number of varieties.

It is known to be the horticultural base for peony and it also supplies to garden areas in other parts of China such as Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, and Luoyang. Indeed, I spent a day exploring all the peony gardens here which are the Gujin Peony, Chaozhou Peony, and the Baihua Peony garden.

I also stopped by the Chaozhou painting and calligraphy academy which is a scenic spot in the city as well.

Local Experiences

I enjoyed walking around the city since I came here during the springtime. The weather here is of a temperate continental type and that it remains pleasant through the year. Having been the seat of the Longshan culture from 17th century BC, the city has a distinct culture. At the time when I visited the International Peony festival was on and the displays of peony across town made it a unique experience for me. I also enjoyed sampling the local cuisine and local products such as dried persimmon and watermelon.