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Mexico has several states and one of the desert states here is Chihuahua. I stopped by Juarez here which is a border town close to El Paso of Texas. This makes it an interesting place to visit as it gives one a Texas flavor in the city lives of the people here.

There were several aspects of Juarez that intrigued me. For instance, it is known to have a cowboy culture, probably because of its closeness to Texas. It had its share of violence in the nineties and some of its Wild West historic vibes are still retained in the modern times.

Places to Visit

I took on a guided tour here and that is the best way to explore the local places. The downtown area, Plaza de Armas has historic charm and I enjoyed walking around here. On holidays there are cultural performances here and street food sold by different vendors. My tour of historic landmarks took me to Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe which is a mission church, one of the oldest religious buildings that have survived here. I also took on a mission trail here, a tour that takes you to other religious and historic structures that outline the history of the place.

My next stop was Ciudad Juárez. This church is a modest building, built in 1659 by Fray Garcia. Next to it is the Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral

Shows and Activities

The traditional dance performances, usually held every Sunday at Centro Municipal de las Artes cannot be missed. I enjoyed the choreographed performances with wonderful costumes and sets. The mariachi band performances are also held in different shows here where one can enjoy the local music, dancing as well as tricks shown on horses and with ropes. 

I also stopped by the local Kentucky Club, known for its bar and grill and enjoyed the drinks and food it had on the menu. Other street food diners I stopped by also offered authentic local fare that I enjoyed.