Top radon myths and facts

There is a large majority of people who don’t even know what radon is and with that comes the amount of people who believe a lot of things regarding radon which is not necessarily true.

Here are some of the myths and facts regarding radon

Radon isn’t dangerous

This myth mainly comes from the source of an American scientist named Dr. Bernard Cohen who says just because EPA says that high levels of radon can have bad effects on humans such as lung cancer doesn’t mean that the low levels of radon will also have a bad effect on human beings. Radon is really dangerous and you should get your house checked right away by radon mitigation companies milwaukee.

WHO or world health organization respects judgments made by a scientist and stated that his statement might be true but the way he conducted his research has some flaws in it. Whereas EPA and many other foundations in the world believe that radon effects are true and seeing the number of people who get lung cancer, in my opinion, it is safe to say that radon actually does have bad effects on people.

Radon tests are expensive and overly priced

This is surely not true and it’s also one of the most common misunderstandings among our community. Radon test kits for short-term radon testing only cost around fifteen dollars and the short term testing only takes two to seven days only. Although the small test of radon might not be so accurate it will surely give you a rough idea if your house has a bad radon concentration level or not. Plus once the test kit is installed what do you have to do, sit back and wait for a couple of days. I don’t consider that to be time wasting.

Radon levels can’t be fixed in all houses

This is also one I get to hear a lot. Many peopl0e who even know what radon is believed it can’t be cured. First, two say only six percent of the houses in the USA have high radon levels which means around one in every fifteen houses have high radon levels which can easily be cured. It is true the method fir houses differ according to the structure of the house. With the advancement of research now there are many different ways to cure radon. So if one doesn’t work for you another one surely wills, this decision can be left in the hands of a professional.

You should only worry about radon if you live in a specific area of the country

There are many articles where they tell you that you only need to worry about radon if you live in a specific area of the country; however, this is not true. It depends more on the soil than which state you live in. it’s true that the ratio of houses which contain radon might change from state to state but generally, it depends more on the soil underneath your house. Probably the easiest way to check for radon is to get a 15 dollar kit and send it for scanning so you exactly know what the condition of your house is. Get your house checked today by radon mitigation companies milwaukee.

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