This is the place where the only train towards Shikoku meets Sanyo Shinkansen; the city which developed into a castle town in the periods of Edo, Welcome to the prefecture of Okayama.

Why is it named as the land of sunshine? I didn’t know that as well until I searched for it extensively and found my answers on the official website of Okayama prefecture. The site states the reason for earning this sort of a nickname majorly due to the very minimal levels of rains along with a mild, tolerable temperature and almost the year round sunshine that exists.

Places to visit

Korakuen Garden, Okayama Castle, Kurashiki Bikan Historical quarter happens to be the most famous attractions of this happening place which is a mix of different buildings, architects, museums, good food, natural beauty.


This place is pretty decent in its location with Kyoto and Hiroshima on the ends, which are trendy places due to their buzz and the history respectively.

You can also take part in activities like fruit picking the freshest fruits like peaches and grapes from the biggest farms or enjoy the seasonal parfaits that the local cafes, restaurants, and hotels hoist up for only a limited duration of time according to the different fruit seasons.

This place officially hosts public programs and events recognized by the governing body on the seasonal basis of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Few of the notable events include the lantern festival, Moon gazing ceremony, Momotaro Matsuri, Bizen pottery, Katsuyama Kenka Danjiri, Achi-Jinja Autumn festival, Kojima Ohashi Bridge Fest, Dogeza Matsuri, etc.

Since you visited this place, you are bound to take home some souvenirs like Bizen Pottery, Kibi Dango, Masking tape, Kurashiki Han Pu, Murasuzume and the hand blown glass Kurashiki.

It is recommended for one to spend a week in this beautiful land at least.